Mister Koppa

26 Dec 2020
It was a very busy year in the cemetery lettering business. This was not necessarily due to the novel coronavirus, but rather the evolution of society, wherein there are fewer people in the world who carve dates in grave stones, leaving more work for me. I’d rather never work that much again, and therefore am determined to hire an assistant for 2021. If you live in the area and have any interest, feel free to contact me.

As a result of so much time spent earning a living on my knees in the cemeteries, there are few new collages from 2020. These include No. 283: Full of Grace (above) and a suite entitled Catollageaulogue, and two that were started at hotel desks during the summer’s cemetery tours, which have yet to be glued down. On top of that, the status of the Les Cocobopros book project remains “nearly done” on the basement collage lab table.

Catollageaulogue was created during summer break in July at the Eagle’s Nest on Dam Lake in Oneida County, Wisconsin. This suite focused on the fundamental definition of art, which is the arrangement of things in a space, and the primary mission of my life as an artist: the organization of my mess. In this case, it is the organization (or composition) of pages from the 1923 Specimen Book and Catalogue of the American Type Founders Company, specifically the section on printing equipment. The pages were dissected from one of two copies in my possession, as I was deconstructing it in order to use the pages from it to create covers for the Typesetting on a Winter’s Afternoon book project, published in 2019 by The Heavy Duty Press.

Also noticing now that I have never added the collaborations done with Allan Bealy over the past couple winters to this site, which reminds me it’s time to send Allan some starter collages and hope he returns the favor. That has become a fun winter tradition.

I have also resurrected a trio of collaborations with Nikki Soppelsa from the archives. We created them in 2014 and they were hung for sale at Lagniappe Brasserie for a couple years. They didn’t sell, as nothing ever does, and when I took them down I intended to remove them from the frames and send them to Nikki for her to sell or add to her pile. While organizing things earlier this winter, I came across them and started the process of returning them, but when the frames were removed I got an itch. They never did seem finished to me. I hope she is not offended by my working on them again when she gets them back.

Those collaborations, along with the the two that were started at the hotel desk over the summer, will be posted here in the coming months.

Please take care. Do your part to keep yourself and others from catching and spreading this virus, and take the vaccine when it becomes available.

Peace be with you and good health in 2021.