Status Update

20 January 2022
Another creatively productive year in the books. Or on the paper.

No, with the paper, on the mat board, and the masonite.

Two new collage albums have been added to this website—Turn the Page and Tales from Phonographic Oceans— and a third is nearly complete. A third year of collaborations with Allan Bealy have also been added to the site. And there have been plenty of new ideas and good feelings about how to keep going into the future.

Art is good for you.

If you, for whatever reason, have been dragging your feet about engaging with art, in whatever form that moves you, stop dragging them. Whether you feel the creative spirit inside you and have yet to activate it, or you are an appreciator of the creative spirit in others, but keep it to yourself because it’s just not cool with the crowd you’re hanging with, stop dragging your feet and start walking. We need you. All hands on deck!

Peace be with you, and good health throughout the year. God willing, and science, too, this nuisance pandemic will calm down in 2022. Cooperate. Get vaccinated if you can, wear a mask where you ought to, and be cool to others, regardless of political or religious persuasion. Please. And thank you. End of sermon.