Mister Koppa

11 December 2018
No problem. After ages of leaning against something in the basement collage lab, collage no. 056 (2002), titled Solve Your Problems (April Fools), has finally been resolved. When I returned to the basement lab after cemetery season (mid-November), the annual (re)organizing of the mess quickly became job number one. The clutter caused a precariously balanced folder of collaging cut-outs, saved for “some day” use, to spill all over the floor. The need to pick them up arose, followed by the bold decision to make their organization the first collage out of the gate this winter. After all, if it’s time to organize, then let’s get right down to business! Feeling ambitious, I looked to Solve Your Problems, which has been an ongoing problem—too big to store conveniently under the table, and too unlikeable for anyone to want to hang it anywhere (including me). It suddenly become obvious that it was more of a useful frame and mat than it was a revered work of art. It was time for it to be disassembled. Seeing the good in the bad, Solve Your Problems (below) merged with the contents of the folder and became collage no. 267, titled Problem Solved (above).

The Return of the Giant Hogweed is on view again in a new exhibition space—the walls of Lagniappe Brasserie in New Berlin, Wisconsin, where I have been honored to be the guest exhibitor for the past since I can remember. Perhaps I am the resident artist, if the resident artist is not the renowned executive chef himself, Andrew Tenaglia, whom I am happy to call my friend, going all the way back to high school parties. Please, if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and take a date to Lagniappe Brasserie. Tell Andy Mister Koppa sent you, and ask him if he has any hunch on what to munch.

And wrapping things up for this long overdue update, Cocobopros Nos. 4 & 5 have been added under the Collaborations tab; No. 4 with Francine Martin of Winnipeg, and No. 5 with Rhed Fawell of Edinburgh, Scotland. Truly a delight and an honor to work with these two exceptional collage artists. With No. 5 complete, the next step is publishing a boxed set of all five Cocobopros.


15 April 2018
Thank you to all who came to the opening reception of my exhibition at Studio Gallery 1311 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was nice to hear compliments in line with what I hope is conveyed through my art ( = work + play).

Photos of the exhibit and the opening reception have been posted by Dave Bass, the gallery owner, on Facebook. The gallery talk has been postponed to Saturday, April 21 (tentative, contact the gallery or watch the sg1311 Facebook page to confirm), and the exhibit will be up through May 18. There is a possibility of an almost-closing reception on World Collage Day, May 12. If you would like to see that happen, please contact Dave at the gallery and let him know. Thank you again.

4 April 2018

Coming soon: An exhibit of new work (The Return of the Giant Hogweed) and other recent work, plus a mega collage collaboration with 3 other artists (Lisa Chun, Brian Montague, and Lynne Mori) consisting of 77 2-sided 5 x 7 cards, created in 2010 and never shown before now. (Sorry! That plan got derailed…not enough room!)

Opening Reception is Friday, April 13, 6-9 pm
Gallery Talk Saturday night, 7 pm



c231 Seriously?, 2016

1 February 2018

I will be participating in a Guerrilla Art Show at Studio Gallery 1311 in La Crosse on Friday, 2 February 2018. The show will include the collage above and two new collages created this week, specifically for the show on Friday night.

New work from 2017