Status Update

26 March 2021
The winter of 2020-21 creative season has come to a close with the completion of an old collaborative project and a pleasant surprise.

The Les Cocobopros project, which began in 2015, is finished. Reserved copies have been shipped to the seven collaborating artists and the Special Collections librarians at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Milwaukee, and La Crosse (all of these collections are open to the public). Remaining copies are for sale through the Etsy store. The collages included in this boxed set of five 20-collage booklets are shown on this site under the Collaborations tab.

Anyone following the creative adventures documented on this site might be familiar with the Catollageaulogue suite, executed in one week flat in July of 2020. In January of 2021, Ric Kasini Kadour, editor of Kolaj, extended an invitation to include the six-collage series in an upcoming exhibit, titled The Money Show, at Saint Kate—The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee. In an unexpected surge of creativity, sixteen new collages (11 analogue and 5 digital) were added to the original 6-collage series. All four suites, reproduced by laser printing technology, have been affixed in an accordion fold book, constructed of 5″ x 7″ Baltic birch plywood panels. The book was delivered eleven days ahead of the deadline, and will be included in The Money Show this summer, running 10 April through 10 August.

And lastly, not leastly, the website theme has been updated to keep with the times, contents of most pages reviewed and edited—all in the name of organizing my mess—and new pages have been added to exhibit the past two years’ collaborations with Allan Bealy.

Peace be with you and good health throughout the year. Please be excellent to each other.