Newsworthy Links

07 October 2015
Memories, or Lack of Them

19 August 2015
Communication through Whistling

17 August 2015
Trash in Lebanon


I made a very deliberate decision to leave the virtual social world of Facebook at the end of March 2015. I had done this once before, in December of 2012, but was sucked back in about six months later. This time I am done for good. My life is better this way.

Having a journaling or commenting history completely open to the public doesn’t suit me. Nor does the heavily egotistical addiction to “look what I did” or “here’s what I think” posting. I am a sucker for that shit but in my heart I know it is feeding a demon. But I still receive interesting links via email from friends, and some I find on my own when I scan the headlines of the day, and I still have the urge to share. So here, quietly on my own website, I can passively share newsworthy links.