6 December 2013. St. Nick’s Day


Welcome to the new Viroqua Creative Workshop online store, complete with blog. Whether you’re just a person looking for that sticker or a retailer needing to re-order at wholesale prices (or a person buying in bulk!), or maybe someone wanting to buy some of my artwork or a lunar phases calendar, sooner or later it will all be found right here at your fingertips on the screen in front of your face.

In the “Other Stuff” category, I am challenging myself to list one item currently in my possession for sale on every day of 2014. Last year, as I was organizing my studio and shop spaces, and as 2012 was coming to a close, I realized I have way too much stuff and I need to get rid of it before I croak. It took me 44 years to accumulate it, so hopefully I have another 44 left to unload it. Whether I deem it appropriate for some collage or assemblage art, white elephant gifting, or for what will become a 24/7/365.25 online rummage sale right here, it’s all gotta go! I’m pretty sure I recorded this sentiment and intent in my actual journal (you know, the one made of paper with handwriting in it) about a year ago, in an attempt to redefine my mission and goal as an artist here on this beautiful planet. It’s time to thin…I want to die with nothing. Or at least a lot less.

So there you go…my first official, off-hand and unedited blog post. Good enough. That’s a funny looking word, enough.