Retreat, Play, Dine, Thrive

Limited edition large format giclee prints for sale at the Noble Rind in Viroqua, Wisconsin, and through Etsy.

The original hand made collages are available.
Contact Michael Koppa for price and photograph of framed artwork.

No. 323 Whaoila I
Giclee print $118
No. 324 Whaoila II
Giclee print $118
No. 325 Whaoila III
Giclee print $118
No. 326 Whaoila IV
Giclee print $118

With Whaoila!, I challenged myself to break from the practice of creating suites of asymmetrically composed, surrealistic visual dramas, and instead create a suite of visually connected collages with abstract shapes and color, connected to each other with continuous lines of common elements. And then came the whales, which had been carefully cut for some unknown purpose six months earlier. When it came time to think about publishing greeting cards with these images, publishing four individual cards of such similarity felt like a bad investment in inventory. Because they were created together, as one piece, it became clear that they should be presented to whatever audience they reach as a quadriptych, which lead to the publication of the first polyptych collage greeting card published by The Heavy Duty Press. This new way of presenting my collages to their audience ties together, for the first time, the commercial art business of publishing greeting cards with the fine art practice of creating artist’s books, as the new publication is not only a card, but also an accordion-fold book, and is catalogued as such.