Cocobopro No. 3

Two Do, Undo, & Do
A 20-part collaborative collage book project with William Cody (Connecticut, U.S.A.), Flore Kunst (France), and Musta Fior (France)


Cocoborpo is an acronymish word derived from an abbreviation of the phrase “collaborative collage book project,” of which there are five, initiated in 2015. Collaborations generally included 6 exchanges between two artists of all ten 2-sided 5 x 7 cards at once. The finished collages have been published in a boxed set with letterpress printed jackets tucked into one-of-a-kind archival slip cases by The Heavy Duty Press. Copies are for sale on Etsy.

Cocobopro No. 1
Cocobopro No. 2
Cocobopro No. 4
Cocobopro No. 5