Collage of Catalogue Paper for The Money Show


No. 291: Suite I, a. Catalogue of Time
No. 292: Suite I, b. Save Handling Time
No. 293: Suite I, c. Reaching the Upper Tier
No. 294: Suite I, d. Minutes per Hour
No. 295: Suite I, e. Ample Working Space
No. 296: Suite I, f. The Key to Maximum Output
No. 285: Suite III, a. Modern Roman Body Type
No. 286: Suite III, b. Nota Bene
No. 288: Suite III, c. Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton!
No. 287: Suite III, d. Six-Foot Machinist’s Work Bnet
No. 289: Suite III, e. Compartments for Leads and Slugs
No. 290: Suite III, f. Noted Method
No. 297: Suite IV, a. The Voice of All Progress
No. 298: Suite IV, b. Invariable Ability and Unconscious Desire
No. 299: Suite IV, c. The Enormous Wisdom
No. 300: Suite IV, d. Appreciation of Space
No. 301: Suite IV, e. Said, Done

All collages 17.8 x 12.7 cm, created from pages dissected from the no longer useful 1923 Specimen Book & Catalogue of The American Type Founders Co. with acid free adhesive on on acid free rag cotton mat boards.