Mosaic Queue

Mosaic-style collages made exclusively from photos of the Royal Gardens at Kew, by B. Anthony Scott, originally published in the April 1950 issue of National Geographic Magazine, ©1950 NGS


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
No. 274 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
16.5 x 13.5 cm
Gardens Strollers
No. 275 Gardens Strollers
15 x 11 cm
From Familiar Fragrance to Flavors Strange
No. 276 From Familiar Fragrance to Flavours Strange
13.5 x 11 cm

Handmade collages of commercially printed magazine pages with Mod Podge, Verathane Water-based Polyurethane, Zisner Shellac, and McCloskey GymSeal High Gloss Finish on Masonite.