Going for the One

Here you stand no taller than the grass sees.

Prints available via Etsy and at the Viroqua Public Market

The original hand made collages are available.
Contact Michael Koppa for price and photograph of framed artwork.

No. 311 Going for the One
30 x 18.5 cm
No. 312 Turn of the Century
30 x 18.5 cm
No. 313 Parallels
30 x 18.5 cm
No. 314 Wonderous Stories
30 x 18.5 cm
No. 315 Awaken
30 x 18.5 cm

We wake every morning to the gift of another day, another opportunity, one more chance. The sun, the great giver of life, appears again on the eastern horizon. A breath, a sigh, a stretch, a moment—gratitude—and a commitment. With tender timing, we embrace the opportunity to experience one more day, taking our time, turned on to love.

Setting hands in motion, we work our passions into clay, into paper, into stone, language, earth, song, surprise. All is down to our hearts.

It’s the beginning of a new love inside. We have the way to make it all happen. No hesitation, turning roundabout.

Create a new dimension!

We drift on, up stream, bound for our forgiver. Listening to silence, approaching the gate, imagine everything, hearing. Hearing.

High vibration go on—to the sun, O lead our hearts, dreaming.

Here we can be.

All collages within this suite made with 20th century commercially printed book and magazine paper from sources including Scotland in Color (reproductions of photographs by A. F. Kersting), published in 1954 by B. T. Batsford LTD, London; Wondrous World of Fishes (reproductions of paintings by Hashime Murayama), copyright 1965 by the National Geographic Society; Birds’ Eggs and Nests (illustrated by Premysl Pospisil and Miroslav Rada) copyright 1971 by Artia; Planets, Stars and Space (illustrated by Helmut Wimmer), copyright 1957 by Creative Educational Society, Inc., Makato, Minnesota; Soil Survey Vernon County, Wisconsin, published in 1969 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, to name a few; record sleeve paper; and two antique photographic prints found within the walls of a home in Washington D.C. during restoration and gifted to the artist; with acid free adhesive on acid free rag cotton mat board.

All artwork and writing within this suite inspired by the album, Going for the One, by Yes, 1977. Artwork titles are taken directly from the song titles. All of this is intended as an homage, with the hope that if the senior executives at Yes World ever get wind of it, there will be no trouble. Thank you, Yes, for the music that helped shape so many of us.