Artist’s Statement

Art is the arrangement of things in a space, leaving evidence of a thoughtful mind engaged in creativity. Whenever, wherever we practice art in our lives, we use our imaginations to entertain ourselves and alter our world, which is, for me, the greatest joy in living.

This truth applies to my collage making process, wherein the primary focus is the creation of a well balanced composition. My aim is to create pleasing visual dramas for my own pleasure. It comes down to craving dopamine, and this is how I get it.

I have always been attracted to printed matter, especially photographic images in books and magazines, and even more especially anything predating the Atari 2600, or my own living memory. My guess is that this is because it allows me to live in a time before I was born, thus expanding my life experience.

Discarded and decommissioned books are held dear in my collage laboratory, as the mission is to give new purpose to paper past its primary objective. This new purpose—decorative entertainment for the eyes and mind—is evidence of the creative spirit breathing new life into the refuse our disregarded past.

The formerly disconnected subject matter within each collage comes together to create a new window into surreality, eventually causing the brain to make attempts at connecting the dots, so to speak: to look for reasons and make up stories. What begins with an impulse to create something interesting to look at becomes unexpected and entertaining mental exercise. And who doesn’t like a surprise?

It is my hope that the joy I find in creative exercise, and the final presentation of the results, will create a spark in the lives of others, thereby bringing more light into the truly amazing world we share.

All images on this site are digital scans
of hand-made physical objects.

Art is the answer.