2 January 2023


End-of-year celebrations all wrapped up, and full up to the armpits with ideas and dreams, reflections and visions, looking forward to seeing what the creative season brings. Over the past few weeks, this website has been thoroughly refreshed with a new template, supporting text on the more recent collage album pages, Turn the Page and Tales from Phonographic Oceans, and added links to remind you that prints are available on Etsy and at the Viroqua Public Market. Thank you for visiting.

24 December 2022
Alas, winter has arrived, and the darkest days are behind us.

A belated Happy Solstice to you, and a Jolly Christmas as many of us celebrate the humble birth of the innocent baby Jesus, the man who out-holied the righteous of the Western world by befriending the poor and the social outcasts, taught us to do unto others rather than to don’t, to love one another as we love ourselves, to revere and respect the feminine, to show compassion, and to forgive those who trespass against us. It’s a birthday to remember, and worthy of a celebration.


17 October 2022
Excited to be wrapping up another year in the cemeteries of driftless Wisconsin, which puts most creative activity on hold for eight months, with the exception of the annual summer break and, in the fall, time for hotel room desk collage labs in the evenings on the road, which recently allowed the completion of another year of collaborations (above) with Allan Bealy.

The winter months cannot come soon enough.