Trafalgar Ware

A Story of Determination in Two Parts


No. 318a: Regatta de Blanc
No. 318b: Every Intention to Achieve
No. 318c: The Admiration of Will
No. 318d: To Fly
No. 318e: To Column Down
No. 318f: To Sail on a Silent Sea
No. 319a: Conflicting Ideals
No. 319b: Merging Worlds
No. 319c: The Creation of Chaos
No. 319d: A Cold Crash Landing
No. 319e: Putting the Pieces Together
No. 319f: Reflecting (After the Ordeal)

Both suites, Nos. 318 and 319, created simultaneously on both sides of six 7.6 x 5.1 cm 100% rag cotton mat board cards, from a photograph of Trafalgar Square by Ted Smart, on pages 101 & 102 from the book London Through the Looking Glass, copyright Ted Smart, CLI, 3rd Edition Revised 1971, and published by John Bartholomew & Son Limited, Edinburgh, and a few photographs from an old National Geographic article, with Xyron acid-free adhesive.

July 2022