Zen and the Art of

Travel by Thought and Memory


No. 235 [Play] Day
Eras & Enjoyment

20 x 12.5 cm
No. 236 [Play]aholic
The Art of Rationality

19.5 x 12.5 cm
No. 237 [Play] Horse
What Comes to Mind

29.5 x 21 cm
prints available
No. 238 [Play] Time
Zen and the Art of Collage Construction

(click for larger image)
17.5 x 35 cm
No. 239 [Play] Mates
Travel through Life

(click for larger image)
17.5 x 35 cm

All collages hand made with X-acto knife and commercially printed paper from: Zen and the Art of Motorycycle Maintenance (paperback, Bantam New Age Edition, 1981, ©1974 Robert Pirsig), National Geographic Vol. 121, No. 4 (©1962 National Geographic Society), Everett Grist’s Big Book of Marbles (© Everett Grist 1993), Benzina Issue #003 (© Greg Pullen 2010), and The Face of Rural America (fly leaf only, published by The United States Department of Agriculture in 1976), and permanently fixed with Elmer’s Glue, and Varathane water-based floor finish on Masonite.