USA Today

Vices and Virtues Alive and Well
in the 21st Century Republic


No. 32 Come and Get It (Greed)
No. 34 Eat Your Heart Out (Envy)
No. 36 Oh, That’s So Delicious (Gluttony)
No. 38 Life is Long and There Is Time to Kill Today (Sloth)
No. 40 Anything is Possible (Hope)
No 42 Good and Bad Karma (Justice)
No 44 Big Balls in Cow Town (Courage)
No. 33 How Great Thou Art (Pride)
No. 35 Beat the Crap Out of Your Neighbor (Avarice)
No. 37 Want it? (Lust)
No. 39 Can You Believe It (Faith)
No 41 Love Thy Neighbor (Charity)
No 43 A Penny Saved (Prudence)
No. 45 The Jack of All Trades (Moderation)